Stefanie Gonnissen

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Dr. rer. nat. Stefanie Gonnissen (geb. Kohlgrüber)

Member of the IRTG 1902:October 2013 - Oktober 2016
PhD research project:Modifications and Interactions of the transcription factor grainyhead-like 3 in the cardiovascular system

PD Dr. Joachim Altschmied

Molecular Cell & Aging Research - IUF

Leibniz Research Institut of Environmental Medicine

2nd Supervisor:

Prof. Dr. William Martin

Institut für Molekulare Evolution


Individual Publications

1. Zurek, M.; Altschmied, J.; Kohlgrüber, S.; Ale-Agha, N.; Haendeler, J., Role of Telomerase in the Cardiovas-cular System. Genes 7(6):29. doi:10.3390/genes7060029.

2. Kohlgrüber S.; Upadhye A.; Dyballa-Rukes N.; McNamara C.A.; Altschmied J., Regulation of transcription factors by reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide in

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