20.12.2019 09:19

Research visits to the partner institution

The IRTG 1902 exchange phase has never been so busy.

This year six HHU doctoral researchers visited their partner labs at UVA:

  • Lisa Kalfhues,
  • Mina Yakoub,
  • Marcel Buchholzer,
  • Christoph Owenier,
  • Angelina Misiou 
  • Felicia Hartmann.

Felicia even went twice to Gary Owens lab to finish her work. Angelina completed her work during her second visit in 2019.

A special thanks to Paul Orange for the fantastic organization!!!!

The other way round, the UVA researchers

  • Katelyn Ahern
  • Clint Upchurch
  • Claire Ruddiman

came for an internship to Düsseldorf.

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