20.12.2019 09:24

EXCHANGE EXPERIENCES: Mina Yakoub & Christoph Owenier

Mina Yakoub, May - December 2019

My stay in Charlottesville was a stunning adventure. I got to know new people, work in a new lab and experience a new culture. I learned a new model at Dr. Ailawadi’s lab which I will transfer to my lab in Düsseldorf. I believe the exchange phase was quite beneficial for my future career. Travelling to the states has broadened my horizon.

Christoph Owenier, September - December 2019

My stay in Charlottesville is coming to an end and I have to say that the opportunity to work in such an inspiring environment was an amazing experience. The Isakson lab has welcomed me with open arms and offered me access to different techniques and instruments to make my research stay here in Charlottesville a success! Working as a graduate student in a foreign country is a challenging task but at the same time is an ideal opportunity for professional and personal development. My time at the UVA helped me to become a better scientist and I am very thankful for being a part of the IRTG 1902.

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