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Congratulations Dr. Sophia Heuser!

The International Resarch Training Group (IRTG 1902) congratulates Sophia Heuser on successfully defending her doctoral thesis “The role of the Arg1/eNOS/sGC pathway in red blood cells in vivo”.  Sophia joined the IRTG 1902 in 2021 as an associated doctoral researcher.  During her time in the IRTG she presented her research at conferences in Japan and USA, supervised a RISE student and acted as co-chair for a session at the Cardiovascular Disease Symposium 2021 (CaVaD21). Sophia will start her postdoctoral career continuing to work in the Myocardial Infarction Research Laboratory of her doctoral thesis supervisor Prof. Dr. Dr. Miriam Cortese-Krott.

We wish Sophia all the best for her future!

Kategorie/n: Doctoral Degree