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RISE Experiences 2022

In the summer of 2022, three RISE students from the USA visited our IRTG1902 labs in Düsseldorf. Catherine Sano, Rachael Tessema and Peter Danis not only gained a lot of experience in the field of cardiovascular research, but also visited some interesting places in Europe.

Catherine Sano:

I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to come join the IRTG in Düsseldorf for the DAAD RISE program. Working in Dr. Lammert's lab I was able to learn about the novel process of liver regeneration and explore new laboratory techniques such as tissue staining and western blots with Paula Follert. Since it was my first time in Germany, I spent my free time exploring Düsseldorf and various cities with Rachael and Peter! I loved learning more about German culture and it was really interesting to experience the cultural exchange. Thank you everyone for being so welcoming and making this summer one of my most memorable experiences!

Peter Danis:

My experience through RISE Germany and at the HHU was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Whether it was through learning valuable laboratory skills or exploring central Europe, this summer will be one I never forget. The HHU was an amazing place to work and were so welcoming that I felt like I was at home.