Guest Program / Summer School

The IRTG-specific guest seminars will be organized together with the graduate students. Starting in year 2 the graduates will be in charge to set up a program with guest speakers. They will identify actual scientific topics and possible speakers. In addition to their scientific talk distinguished guest speakers will be asked to meet with the graduate students for round table discussion on specific science related topics such as career in science, ethics, making decisions, etc.

In year 2 and 4 summer schools will be organized one at UVA the other at HHU. This event gives students and PIs the opportunity to directly interact, get an overview of the projects status, and plan future experiments. Local, national, and international speakers will be invited to the common conference. The IRTG specific guest program in year 4 will be part of the HHU summer school to be held at Düsseldorf. Guest speakers will be invited and the program will be complemented by local speakers from IRTG, RTG, RU and CRC at Düsseldorf. The doctoral students will be in charge of organizing the program. Advanced students will be integrated into the program in form of lectures. Summer Schools are important elements to train conversation with colleagues, to discuss science and to start networking in the scientific community. The guest program will be set up in collaboration with the graduate students and has not been defined yet. Possible speakers include: Prof. Jörg Heineke, Hannover, Role of myostatin in Cachexia, Prof. Ralf Brandes, Frankfurt, Redox-regulation of cardiovascular function, Prof. Barbara Walzog, Neutrophil - endothelial interaction, Prof. Ralf Adams, Münster, Ephrins in Vascular Development, Prof. Ingrid Fleming, Frankfurt, Role of AMPK in vascular function, Prof Stefan Anker, Berlin, Cardiac Cachexia, Prof. Dörthe Katschinski, Göttingen, Hypoxic Signaling,

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