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25.01.18 1st PhD Symposium of the IRTG 1902 & SFB 1116 (Invitation)

Dear Scientists, Students & Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 1st PhD Cardiovascular Disease Symposium (CaVaD),that will take place at the Haus der Universität in Düsseldorf on March 15th and 16th, 2018.The CaVaD symposium is entirely organized by highly motivated PhD candidates of thegraduate schools from the International Research Training Group 1902 (IRTG1902) and theCollaborative Research Center 1116 (SFB 1116).

In addition to very interesting talks of our invited speakers we would like to support the early career researchers in professionally presenting their methods and data to be prepared for the big stages of international conferences.

Please send us your abstracts for posters and talks, the best abstracts will be selected for an oralpresentation during our symposium. In a special session on industrial and academic careeropportunities you will have a chance to discuss and get into contact with experts in both fields,and the poster session and get-together evening provide excellent networking possibilities.

For more information, registration and abstract submission, that will start from December 15thvisit our website:

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07.09.17 Congratulations Dr. Görldt!

Nicole Görldt defended her thesis "Role of the Purinergic Signaling in Healing Processes of the Heart and the Kidney after Ischemia/ Reperfusion Injury” with excellent success on September 1st 2017.

During her doctoral thesis she discovered the role of adenosine in healing processes of the heart and the kidney after acute injury. She started her work on the heart in the laboratory of Prof. Schrader at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, followed by an exchange stay in the laboratory of Prof. Okusa at the University of Virginia to focus on the kidney.  She was chosen for the IRTG1902 “Start-up funding” postdoc - position to investigate possible treatments to improve wound healing after acute injury in both organs.We are very proud of you and wish you all the best for your future work!!

08.06.17 She made it!

Susanne Homann defended her PhD thesis entitled « Study on the role of hyaluronan synthase 3 in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis », on June 8th, 2017.  In the lab of Prof. Jens W. Fischer, Institute for Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, she investigated the role of the extracellular matrix molecule hyaluronan in a chronic inflammatory condition. Using flow cytometry, she focussed on the examination of immune cells. During her exchange phase she joined the lab of Gary Owens at UVA where  her focus shifted from the investigation of immune cells to smooth muscle cells, which undergo a phenotypic change in the context of atherosclerosis.

Susanne is our 6th PhD student who sucessfully completed her thesis: she started in March 2014 and was immediatetly introduced to her collaboration lab in Charlottesville during the first Summer School at UVA in June 2014.

Directly after her defense she visited the lab of Gary Owens for the fourth time to complete further analysis in the field of phenotypic switching of smooth muscle cells in atherosclerosis and the role of hyaluronan synthase 3 in this process!

Congrats, Susanne!

01.06.17 Guang Yang defended successfully!

Guang Yang defended his doctoral thesis entitled


"Deletion of the Mas Receptor Aggravates the Development of Atheroslerosis and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms in Apolipoprotein E-Deficient Mice"

sucessfully on June 1st 2017!

Guang Yang worked in the lab of Prof. Rump and PD. Dr. Stegbauer in the Department of Internal Medicine/Nephrology. He is going to start a Postdoc position in China for a year. Afterwards he is planning to start as a Postdoc at the University of Virginia in his former collaboration lab of Prof. Thu Le.

Yang, congratulations and enjoy your time in China!! 

06.04.17 Congratulations Lucia!

The International Research Training Group (IRTG 1902) proudly announces the successful defense of its fourth PhD student on April 6th 2017. Lucia Leitner wrote about how

“Heart Failure rapidly induces Wasting-related Program in Skeletal Muscle”.

Lucia established several new methods about skeletal muscle characterization in the lab of Prof. Dr. Axel Gödecke, Institute of Cardiovascular Physiology with the help of her UVA cooperation partner lab of Prof. Dr. Zhen Yan.

After her defense Lucia will stay as a Postdoc in the lab of Axel Gödecke for another six month before she will go back to Austria.

Lucia, Congratulations, good luck and we’re looking forward to share a Wiener Schnitzel with you in Austria!



16.03.17 New doctoral speakers are elected

In March 2017 Lisa Kalfhues and Marcel Buchholzer are elected as new doctoral speakers of the IRTG 1902.

We thank our previous speakers Lucia Leitner and Nenja Krüger for their work in the last years (2013 - 2017).

22.12.16 Ehsan Amin completed his thesis with excellent grade!

Ehsan could defend his doctoral thesis entitled

"Regulation and signaling of endothelial RHO GTPases"

After a long reviewing process Ehsan finished his thesis with Summa cum laude on December 22th 2016! Ehsan Ahmin worked in the lab of Prof. Dr. Reza Ahmadian, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II. After spending 4 months as a Postdoc in Molecular Cardiology Institute at Heidelberg University, he now joins the lab of Prof. Klöcker, Institute of Neuro- and Sensory Physiology, HHU. He is currently investigates the field of computational and experimental cardiac electrophysiology.

CONGRATULATIONS- we are really proud of you!

02.12.16 Nenja Krüger successfully defended!!!

All people of the international research training group (IRTG 1902) congratulate Nenja Krüger the second graduate student of the IRTG 1902 for her successful defense of the doctoral thesis

"Vascular Fto has cell-type specific functions in regulation of myogenic tone".

Nenja finished her dissertation in the lab of Prof. Dr. Uli Rüther, Department of Developmental and Molecular Animal Biology on December 1st 2016.

Nenja will stay within the IRTG for one additional year, as she was selected for the IRTG start-up funding. During this time, she will establish a new technique within the IRTG at the Heinrich Heine University. Additionally, she will complete two promising projects in the lab of Prof. Rüther in close collaboration with the lab of Brant Isakson (Virginia).  The postdoc position is funded by the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the rectorate of the Heinrich Heine University!

"Congratulations and good luck for your start-up funding time!"

27.10.16 Second doctoral student successfully defended dissertation

Prof. Dr. Gödecke (Speaker of the IRTG1902);  Prof. Dr. Judith Haendeler (IUF); Stefanie Kohlgrüber (IUF) ; PD Dr. Joachim Altschmied (IUF)

The International Resarch Training Group (IRTG 1902) congratulates the first IRTG 1902 student from the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf for successfully defending her doctoral thesis entiteled

"Modifikationen und Interaktionen des Transkriptionsfaktors Grainyhead-like 3 im kardiovaskulären System"

Stefanie Kohlgrüber finished her dissertation in the lab of PD Dr. Yogi Altschmied (IUF – Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine) on October 26th 2016.

"Stefanie, Congratulations and good luck in your future steps!"

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